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From The Underground, To The Gift Of Sound...

DO NOT BE FOOLED... Phantom has been in the game on an underworld status for as many as over 10 years now....having gained a small but growing mass of listeners, who love his music, and through his music have grown to understand more about the man behind it, on his outstanding social media sites. Though he has done more than his share of shows, Phantom has not always been fortunate enough to have all of them here, we have a small collection of live acts that WERE caught on video. Phantom will make it a higher priority to make sure each show is filmed from this year onward.......

This was the begining of a team at work, just starting to make their status in the world of rap. Phantom partnered up with an entire entourage to rebuild a label they were once only a part of, as artists, Midcity Records.

before it was raided 7

years prior to it's reclaim in late 2015.This was Phantoms first performance since a few years prior to a fallout with a previous label. This was also 

The begining for show promoter J.Peezy, and his urban music show, Talk Yo Talk. "Me, my team, Everybody and they mama was blazing weed through the whole vip!" JX Recalls

As time went on, and shows continued, JX and his team began to dominate locally. Being met, and connected by Legendary Rapper "Dawreck" (Of Chicago's very own, "Triple Darkness"), The

duo gained a lot of respect and mutual artistry respect in smaller venues, proving themselves worthy on a "NON pay to play" basis. Xhadow began to feel more comfortable in his performing art by this time, and started to advance his physical stage delivery.

"People were stunned when we did shows like this, as beginners. "The audiences were all still in critique mode and didn't see us as regulars. Shocked everyone, EVERYtime." JX recalls.


as the show crowds, 

became bigger, and they began making their name, JX and E-Man were becoming well known by names ,at each venue. by this time, JX had grown to no longer feel any nervousness before, or during performance.Meeting and getting props from celebrity performers and gaining new fans. 

"My anger at that time in my life wouldn't allow me to be nervous anymore... I just said be myself." Xhadow explains.

IT ALL CAME DOWN 2 THIS, as JX and EMan finally started opening for popular main acts, and performing for crowds in the hudreds, getting their name out and earning music credibility through 

new fans, and respected artists, who respected them mutually. From an energetic physical delivery, to snapchatting crowds, JX was now more expierenced ,and more open to the eyes of hundreds, and still growing. Xhadow and EMan 

though with different causes, can prove that two sides with two ways of life can come together and build something more powerful, inspiring the people around them, to unite ,and achieve the right way.

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