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Xhadow Is Recovering And Ready To Unleash New Music.

The 1 and only "goth emcee" has been very reluctant to tell his listeners about his more recent battle with severe depression, stress related outbursts, and social deprivity ever since his close to deadly police dispute incident back in early February of this year.

Xhadow has had a major slowdown in music production, based on extreme levels of frustration, false friendships, toxic supporters, social isolation and several racially based fights within the middle class community he currently resides in.

While it is understandable that these issues combined can create a considerable amount of damage on any nearly overworked

artist, others who are on Xhadow's side say the dark poet cannot be blamed for his sudden break in his consistency, as he is risking a lot in his own personal life to be the notable emcee he deserves to be.

E-Man 187, another artist and 2nd official CEO of Midcity Records at one time stated...

" A lot of people have either attacked, lied to, ridiculed, betrayed, or simply just hated on Xhadow for the ten plus years we have known him. He was homeless for years while doing music, and people just could not, or would not support him. A lot of people looked through his skills as a rap artist, and stabbed straight at him about his living situation instead.

At one point everybody he thought he was friends with promised to be his street team, and help spread his music around.

They took group pictures, had a whole street team page on Facebook, promoted the street team page everyday, but as soon as the music was getting put out, not a single of those 140 street team dudes was even budging for him, and it ain't like the guy is a shit rapper. He spent half a year building everything for it, and they showed their true feelings just by making a fool out of him all over social media. This was before we started Midcity Records, and he was dealing with a label that cheated him out of a lot of money after doing three albums and a mixtape under them, and all this was going on while he was homeless on top of it.

A local Illinois fan and old friend of the blacksheep emcee was also quoted saying,

"A lot of people ruined him in a lot of fucked up ways since I knew him. I used to chill with him and E-Man back when Xhadow was barely out of his teens, homeless and stealing shit just to either sell it for money, or

To stop by my house to heat food he stole.

And he wasn't walking out with hot pockets and little snacks. This guy came to my crib with a bookbag filled with frozen pizzas canned goods and even sub sandwiches

All in one bag. I always supported him in his personal living needs, but most people didn't. Even his own friends would downplay him behind his back to me, if he was not around. The streets did him real dirty and the streets fucked with his mind because he lived in them for so long. That is what people don't understand about Xhadow.

He is a good person to the heart for people, but people judge only what they see today. All most people saw in him was a "bum" in the street. That's why we do not defend people who downplay his misfortunes. We knew him for 13 years. Everybody else just coming into his world now hasn't known the guy, or more importantly, his story for 13 years."

So it seems that years of misfortune, and hard work with little results has become the theme of why Xhadow has been secretly on break from the industry. The stress of a hard life can be enough to put anybody on hold, especially when your very sanity could be at stake if you don't. Xhadow is currently reported to be feeling better, and is ready to start the release of 2 new songs and a video, as two of the final steps in promoting the upcoming, and long awaited Dark Poetry album, which still has no set date, while planned as an early 2019 release. Listeners of the dark poet can expect the new music to hit THIS HALLOWEEN NIGHT.

-Tasha Bennet (freelance journalist)

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